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[Fetish] Dominance & Submission

The practice where one person voluntarily gives up his or her control to another for the purpose of mutual enjoyment. Domination and Submission (D/s) first and foremost is about psychology, I use the physical acts to achieve a needed psychological goal.

Domination and Submission is the most common type of session in the BDSM community, though I many times combine D/s with other aspects of kink and fetish.  The ultimate goal of D/s is not to punish, but to give the sub, what they need so much, an escape for however long from their present reality into their deep fantasies.

Fetish Kink Dominance
סטודיו בדס"ם

[Fetish] Financial Dominatrix

Giving money to a woman can be erotic,financial domination goes beyond transactionalism. There are many sides of financial domination, just as there are myriad aspects to the eroticism of most BDSM activities, it’s one of those kinks that is so easy to write off as “extreme” without actually going deeper and understanding the dynamics of giving money and losing money.

The New York Observer did a front page story in 2015 about financial domination. The full article is here.

[Kink] Trampling

The joy I get out of trampling..the sheer joy of having someone actually under my 5″ heels as I put just enough pressure on their bodies, watching them squirm with pain.

Making my slave lick the spiky heel of my shiny stilettos or perhaps suck my perfectly manicured toes. The mixture of anticipation, anxiety in their eyes as they image that I might just decide to stamp down on their face or other more vunerable body parts is what makes my trampling so successful.

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